Our first weekend out

It is a process to get everyone dressed and out of the house! If I didn't have 2 hands on deck at all times it would easily take 2 hours to get out. Not only is getting out of the house a struggle, getting all the babies in and out of the car is a... Continue Reading →

Good Ole Fashion Sink Bath

Yup, they are cute until you’re holding them and they begin to grunt – face turns red and you can feel the force they are using to get it all out. Before you know it, there’s a little surprise on your lap; yup - a blowout! Run the water and get the bubbles! It’s time... Continue Reading →

Staying active

I've made a goal to workout everyday even if it is for 20 minutes. But with 3 babies, a 2 year old and working from home, you can only imagine how tough that can still be. In a short amount of time I can see that my workouts have changed from being a time to... Continue Reading →

My body after triplets

Most wouldn't share the true struggle of their body after giving birth. Because of social media most feel the need to get back like they never left not giving their body the proper time to heal. This is no excuse to why I still have 15 more pounds to lose. I blame about 10 of... Continue Reading →

2 month checkup

Shots suck! All hands were on deck today at the girls 2 month check up when getting 3 injections each - YIKES! If it were up to Keith we wouldn’t vaccinate. Which at times I see why you would choose not to - but.. that’s a whole different topic. Did you vaccinate your kids? Or... Continue Reading →

Summer 18 finna be a breeze

86 & sunny! Yes summer is finally here. I know you all are thinking i'm being inconsistent on keeping you guys up to speed with the girls, but only a mother with triplets and a 2 year old would understand. It seems that we go through a box of diapers in less than a week... Continue Reading →

Q&A for the Triplet Mama

How has big brother adjusted having his sisters around? He has adjusted very well! He loves to help by grabbing the diapers/wipes and throwing the dirty ones away (all while saying - funky things). Keith and I joke with him and ask each other to do things knowing Kaden will say - I GOT IT!... Continue Reading →


My babies are home! Now the fun really begins. Getting the girls dressed and discharged took a little over 2 hours. That was just a taste of what it is going to be like when we try and leave the house to go anywhere! plus, adding a 2 year old in the mix - FUN!... Continue Reading →

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