Date Night With Kaden

Everywhere we go the girls are pretty much the stars of the show. Getting attention from almost everyone we walk by, first usually saying, "are those twins?" Nope. Theres the 3rd one behind us (usually a family member holding her, because this is just how we have to travel). "TRIPLETS!?" Yup. *Keeps walking* As you... Continue Reading →

Pumpkin Butts

Welp! I had to do it - putting the babies in the pumpkins has been an all day project but it was so worth it. Surprisingly the girls didn't mind being in them until getting them out became a problem. We captured a lot of personality in these photos today and I couldn't just pick... Continue Reading →

The Pumpkin Patch Family Trip

This family pumpkin patch trip was a lot different than last years thats for sure. We hesitated going and last minute decided to just go for it (after me giving keith the googley eyes). Leaving the house with not even a diaper bag knowing we would be back in a hurry. When we pulled in... Continue Reading →

The Trips at 7 Months

Everyone is sleeping, eating and pooping! Besides getting immunization shots I would say the babies are very healthy happy campers. At our 6 month check up the girls weighed in at: Kya - 13.4oz Khloe - 12.9oz Kymbree - 13.1oz Kya and Kymbree started scooting about a month ago. Now, these two are getting anywhere... Continue Reading →

California King

They are taking over! We joke all the time that we may have to have a whole bed of wall in a few more months, the king just isn't big enough now a days. If the girls grow up and want to sleep in our bed as much as Kaden does, we are in big... Continue Reading →

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