Meet the kiddos


Kaden Kobe

I am 3 years old. I enjoy watching youtube on my iPad, playing sports and Paw Patrol. My favorite movie is Cars (I could literally watch it everyday). I am a big helper when it comes to helping mom and dad out around the house with my sisters.


Kya Hope

I am the oldest of the triplet sisters. Mom and Dad would say I am pretty chill. I usually go to sleep without a fuss and sleep through the night.


Khloe Faith

I am ‘baby B’. I am the brat/diva of the group. I do not like to rough house with my other sisters just yet. I like kicking, not taking naps and usually finish my bottle first.


Kymbree Joy

I’m the baby of the babies. I’m the go getter. I was the first to crawl and even starting to stand on my own. I’m super chill, all I need is space to move around and toys to play with.