E for Effort; A day at the park

As if having triplets wasn't enough to cause a lot of attention, hauling 3 carseats, a playpen and keeping eyes on a 3 year old easily tops that. I can't tell you all how many times I was literally praised for giving the effort to get my kids outside despite all the luggage we came... Continue Reading →

Triplets First Birthday Party

Saturday we celebrated the Triplets First birthday with a unicorn theme party and it was so magical. The girls loved their smash cakes and were not shy about digging in. Khloe ate most of her cake and probably got the messiest. They also ate their first chicken leg and enjoyed the entire thing! Kya ate all... Continue Reading →


Its been 2 weeks since we got back from Paris and I'm finally finished unpacking from the trip! If you haven't already be sure to check out our youtube recap of the trip here. My brother told us we were coming to Paris 4 days before the flight left. We scrambled to get the girls... Continue Reading →

My Biggest Challenge

I remember being asked, what was the biggest challenge for me? It stomped me, and I couldn't for the life of me think of what was a struggle for me. Holy smokes! These babies are growing fast. I have to admit, it's tough to put away the clothes they can't fit anymore. I want them... Continue Reading →

Triplets Are 10 Months

Now that the girls are 10 months, the milk factory has slowed down A LOT. Don't get me wrong. We still on average make 3 rounds of bottles a day - 9 bottles a day. But that beats making 3 bottles every 2-3 hours when they were much smaller and not eating as much "table/solid"... Continue Reading →

9 Month Check Up

The girls had their 9 month checkup a few weeks ago and everything went great. My little preemies are making their way up high on the growth charts and for Khloe, shes finally on the growth chart. From oldest to youngest, here's what they are weighing now: Kya - 15lb 5oz - Height: 42nd percentile... Continue Reading →

Santa Claus Is Not Real

Keith was the bad kid at school who was making kids cry telling them Santa Claus wasn't real. "Boy, Santa ain't real. That's your mama buying that stuff." I can hear it now! And if you know Keith, you know he is very knowledgeable (or thinks he is ALL of the time). He's that type of person... Continue Reading →

The Little Things – Preemies

Today is November 17 - World Prematurity Day Every year in the US 1 in 10 babies are born prematurely. That is more than 15 million each year! World Prematurity Day is a key moment to focus global attention on the leading cause of child deaths under age 5 – complications from preterm birth –... Continue Reading →

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