Kentucky For The Month Of July

We did it. We stayed in Kentucky for the month of July, and now that it’s over it felt like time flew by so fast and we were kind of sad to go. We got to catch up with friends and family, the babies stayed up for as long as their little eyes would let them and the kids didn’t wake up until at least 1:30pm – sounds like a summer vacation to me!

We drove tutus 15 passenger van wherever we went. We went to Kentucky Kingdom at least 6 times (got our money worth on our season passes). Kaden and the triplets got to hangout with their cousins from Oregon everyday, they fight like brother and sister but what do you expect.

Traveling with my crew was a breeze. The only thing I couldn’t travel without was the girls feeding chairs. It’s so much easier having these highchairs when feeding them so they are locked down in one place. Because I had to travel with quit a bit of luggage I didn’t pack any diapers and wipes (besides what I needed in the diaper bag just incase). I find it easier to buy 2 large boxes and packages of wipes once we get to our destination since these items can take up a lot of room.

Traveling this far from home for this long would normally bring up concern for sleeping arrangements and how the girls would adjust. Thankfully tutu made the girls a room with 3 cribs (how they are use to sleeping at home) and it couldn’t have worked out any better for us.

We left Kentucky with 2 extra little people with us – Maaya and Jade came home to Missouri with us for a week before they head back home to Oregon where they will greet their new twin baby brother and sister!





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  1. Helen Beeman says:

    Nita, they are just precious and getting so big! Kaden is the big brother I knew he would be! What a love! I sure miss all of you! I keep thinking we will see you guys sometime soon. Maybe next month!

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