Another Baby Soon?

When can we expect another baby?

Well…it depends on who you ask.

If it were solely my decision. I would say i’d be open to having another baby (or 3) 5-6 years from now. I feel this time would allow for Keith and I to get more established especially with him being in the college coaching business. Most would fear of having another set of multiples since the chances increase after having one set. At this point, I just want to see what would happen if I got pregnant again. Would it be a singleton, twins, or another set of multiples or MORE! Anything is possible at this point. I don’t count nothing out. I think that would be so dope though and I’m here for it!

Now if you asked Keith that same question, he would without hesitation say that four is enough! He questions why I would want to do that again to myself, going through the pregnancy stage, but only us women wouldn’t mind the process and see the bigger picture of that being temporary.

I think Keith would be more open to having another if it were guaranteed that it was a boy. But Lord knows, just because he wants a boy it would be a girl. At this point he’s just grateful he got his son in Kaden. The picture below is our first picture with Kaden – so life changing.


Only time will tell what the future holds for the Pick6 and if more little ones will be added to the crew! I’m all for it. And besides, I kinda miss my baby bump. Enjoy some pics from the triplet pregnancy – not too bad. I’ve seen far bigger bellys when I googled triplet moms belly.

23 weeks pregnant | 3 months before delivery with triplets | Jan 2018 img_2338img_2339

31 weeks pregnant | 1 month before delivery with triplets | Feb 2018: 





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