You Wasn’t With Me Shooting In The Gym!


SCORE! We got out of the house again for another family date night – to the gym to shoot some hoops.

Our kids are obviously kind of forced to grow up around basketball. But I think being in the gym at a young age is kind of fun. Not even from the basketball perspective of it, but just being in an open atmosphere where you have so much free open space to run wild and do whatever feels right.

Obviously, for Keith and I it brings back memories from when we once use to play. And we are able to enjoy each others competitive spirits by playing 1 on 1 (of course he uses all his strength against me to MAKE SURE he wins), but theres other games he’s not able to use his physical strength to get the win – HORSE! If you aren’t sure what HORSE is, its basically a who’s a better shooter game. And I chalked that one up with ease, I usually do.  I’ve beat my brother, Keith, Doug and even my bosses boss at Bass Pro Shops – GIRL POWER. Y’all, we literally set a calendar reminder at work to play HORSE and had 10/15 co-workers show up to watch. I was kind of nervous because at this point I just couldn’t lose – I didn’t (shrugs shoulders).

Any who, back to the kids. They enjoyed running around and slept good to say the least – which is always a win. Kaden was doing sprints, his best time for a down and back was 16 seconds which is actually pretty impressive for a 3 year old. We all had that one college teammate that may have been leaping to get across the line at that speed. Keith challenged me to make a down and back (college time – 12 secs), but I said I wouldn’t attempt if he wasn’t able to make his (college time – 10 secs) – we both succeeded.

Aren’t they precious?! Don’t mind their outfits and hair. Sometimes we literally just grab whatever is closes and hit the door. Otherwise it could take a little while to get out.





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  1. Helen Beeman says:

    I sure do miss Kaden! Well, all of you for that matter. I just remember how sweet he was when I got to hold him during the games!

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