Step Right Up, Everyone Is A Winner


We got out of the house recently and went on a family carnival date!

Honestly, Keith was just happy that the rides were stable and that they didn’t have to pack up and move to the next town. LMAO! (Have y’all seen that commercial) any who…

I must admit, there were a few rides that were going WAYY to fast for a 2 day carnival. I don’t trust the people screwing these rides together that much, but hey. If we are going to get a check and I got to have 1 leg…Let me stop, because this shit really happens. This literally happened at the six flags in Louisville, KY. A ride that I’ve ridden numerous of times. The hellevator – It’s that big drop rollercoaster where it takes you up high and drops you. A few years ago, the one in Kentucky cut off the girls feet!!! Can you say FAT CHECK!? But I think i’d rather have my feet… IDK.

This was a super fun family time out of the house and Kaden got to have lots of fun riding rides. The girls enjoyed the people, lights and watching their big brother ride.

Toast, to making many more memories with my crew.


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