Barnes & Noble Date Night


I’m not sure if the Barnes & Noble associates appreciated us coming into the store making it a play date, but the kiddos sure did have a good time. Even Keith was very skeptical about taking the kids to a book store, but trust me. Places like this can be so fun (& FREE) just to get out of the house and since it was raining we decided to give it a shot.

The kids weren’t very interested in sitting down to actually listen to a book. In fact, I was definitely more intrigued by the books. So much was offered about culture and looking different from skin color to hair texture. I caught myself reading the books not for the kids anymore but because I was truly interested on how kids are taught to deal with adversity.

While I was enjoying the books myself, the girls were most likely doing something they shouldn’t have been. Pulling all the stuff animals off the shelf, or pulling all the books down one by one. Nothing that couldn’t be fixed right? So why not. Kaden enjoyed the book store as well. Mostly because they carry Ryan world toys and have a large train track area for play.

On the next rainy day I would encourage you to get out of the house and head to the nearest book store with your kiddos. There is so much knowledge in places like this. Keith and I checked out the personal development section and saw quite a few books we were intrigued to read. What books are you reading now or would you suggest us to read?

Oh, and by the way. If you follow my instagram or snapchat, you saw that I posted the What to expect when expecting book…HOLY COW! Those things are thick AF! Be on the look out for the triplet edition from this mama!


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