Another Day At The Park


I mean seriously, when are we not at the park? If the weather permits, i’d say we go to the park 5/7 days of the week. We usually go to the park that we can walk to from home, but sometimes we get fancy and get in the car to hit the parks in town. It’s been nice, since the times we normally go kids are usually in school. However, today was different. All the schools were out on field trips, here! It was good for Kaden to run around with kids his age, but there was no way the girls were getting out of the wagon.

As usual, the girls caused a lot attention. This time mostly from the kids. Which means lots of pointless questions and thoughts that it’s ok to touch them. We were lucky to catch both the baby swings open. Sisters enjoyed swinging but didn’t like when they had to get out to share.

One of the teachers came up to talk to me. She was actually pregnant with triplets but lost Baby C early on in pregnancy. Very interesting to talk to, you just never know another persons story.

Hope you all enjoy these pics from the park – If you havn’t already, please comment & subscribe.




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