Triplets First Birthday Party

Saturday we celebrated the Triplets First birthday with a unicorn theme party and it was so magical.

The girls loved their smash cakes and were not shy about digging in. Khloe ate most of her cake and probably got the messiest. They also ate their first chicken leg and enjoyed the entire thing! Kya ate all the meat to the bone.

We had a great turn out with family coming down from St. Louis to spend the day with us. All together I would say 20 adults/10 kids. It rained literally all day up until the party, but everything seemed to work out perfect. I had so much fun planning the party. I live for these kind of get togethers! I find it fun to put together the party bags, gather different decorations and anything that comes in between.

The party bags turned out just as I imagined. I didn’t do too much, but I did include 3 different unicorn snacks in them – Unicorn poop (marshmallows), Rainbow poop sucker and a Unicorn cut out with a sucker as the horn. All of which I found on amazon and all of which Keith thought was EXTRA! But hey, everyone gets a pass for being extra on first birthdays! Right?

I also took my “extraness” as far as creating the girls birthday outfits. I made them tutus, which I didn’t get to get a good picture of them together in. One shirt had a gold sparkly “ONE” and the other 2 onesies had a unicorn on them. (I was a going to do all three with the “ONE” on them, but Hobby Lobby was out of stock everywhere at the last minute. Err. But it worked out perfect still, don’t you think?

We received a lot of diapers and wipes! Going on year 2 of not having to purchase any diapers and wipes! THATS HUGE! THANK YOU ALL.

We have three one year olds and one three year old on our hands. I love every second of it. Thanks for following along with our journey. Be sure to subscribe and check out our full Youtube vlog on the Triplets birthday here.




One Comment Add yours

  1. Helen Beeman says:

    Cannot believe those precious girls are one! Where has the time gone? I love seeing your emails and videos! Helen



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