Its been 2 weeks since we got back from Paris and I’m finally finished unpacking from the trip! If you haven’t already be sure to check out our youtube recap of the trip here.


My brother told us we were coming to Paris 4 days before the flight left. We scrambled to get the girls passports so they could go since finding someone to watch them for a week was a struggle. My moms friend and daughter ended up watching them at my moms house for a week (shout out to them) Allowing me and Kaden to go and enjoy a week in Paris together. I sure did miss them, but the experience we had in Paris was amazing.

We saw my brother play in a Disney tournament, went to Disneyland twice and got to see the Eiffel tower in person – things not everyone could say they’ve done. Kaden has been to all 3 Disneys by the age of 3 (Cali, Florida & Paris) – he is living his best life for sure.

I’ve always wanted to go to Paris, who doesn’t. Every time my family had the opportunity to go something always came up. The first time was when I was in college. We were going for Christmas and I had the whole passing out episode and instead of Paris for Christmas I was at the Mayo clinic. The second time we were going, I found out we were pregnant with the triplets and of course was told I couldn’t travel that far. Third time was a charm and it was everything I could have imagined it to be. A week in Paris, sightseeing and spending time with family ❤️🇫🇷

Be sure to check out our Paris vlog here.


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  1. Helen Beeman says:

    Nita, Kaden is Keith’s “Mini Me”! I bet Keith looked just like Kaden at that age. He’s growing SO quickly! Your trip sounds wonderful. So happy you could go!


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    1. ThePick6 says:

      He is!! Isn’t he just getting so big! Miss you guys a ton.


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