Triplets Are 10 Months

IMG_0097.jpgNow that the girls are 10 months, the milk factory has slowed down A LOT. Don’t get me wrong. We still on average make 3 rounds of bottles a day – 9 bottles a day. But that beats making 3 bottles every 2-3 hours when they were much smaller and not eating as much “table/solid” foods.

Our routine now has become making biscuits in the morning, which was already Kadens favorite thing to eat, so it’s not so bad.

I’ll usually feed the girls baby food while the biscuits are cooking and once they are done break them off into little pieces that they are able to grab now and self feed. YAY! This is usually a time I take to do things that I normally wouldn’t have time to do. Maybe sweep the floors, start a load of laundry/ fold clothes. I’m always in go mode!

The girls have been sleeping great! All sleeping through the night going to sleep around 8, not waking up until 9 or sometimes 10am! Where they do that at?!

Their day usually looks like this:

9am – wake up

9:30 – eat breakfast

12pm – drink a bottle

1 – nap

3 – wake up from nap

3:30 – eat / bottle

7 – start baths

8 – drink a bottle

8:15 – Sleep through the night


Kya and Kymbree are starting to stand for a brief second without support and starting to climb on anything possible. They can now reach that Xbox button and find it funny to turn off when they see you enjoying a TV show. SMH. Both of these girls have 2 bottom teeth and love to do what the other is doing.

Khloe is getting faster at crawling and 1 tooth is finally starting to show. She’s able to bare all weight on her legs and if you stand her up, she’ll hold onto something for dear life. I am confident that she’ll get there, however we have started physical therapy every other week. So far she is doing well in all areas, she was just found to be the more conservative, laid back, think before she does kind of personality. Which I would totally agree too. Nothing wrong with that baby girl, because your sisters are out of control! We know who will get the car keys first!


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Key says:

    Khloe doesn’t have time for the foolishness 😂


  2. Helen Beeman says:

    Love, love, love the pics and updates!!!



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