6 Things Basketball Has Taught Me

It’s a must that we have a hoop in the house. More so for me and Keith because we both love the game. We often play Pig series and I must give it to him, he usually wins on this rim (meet me on the real court though, you know whats up.)

A lot of people asked where I got this hoop from, so if you were looking for one I’d highly recommend ordering from the Blue Fox Furnishing shop on Etsy.

Basketball has always been apart of our lives, and as a basketball coaches wive it will be for a long time coming.


Looking back, here are 6 things basketball has taught me in real life and how it has helped me in becoming a better mommy and wife.

1. Multitask

Looking back, a skill that I learned from college was how to multitask. As an athlete you learn to juggle practice, games, weight training, classes, study hall, homework, film sessions, community events the list goes on.

This has transpired to me being able to multitask and juggle the day to day jobs of being a mommy. I find myself often jumping from 1 thing to another. From changing a diaper, starting a load of laundry, changing a onsie, making bottles, cleaning bottles, making sure Kaden is using the potty, the list goes on.

The multitasking and things that could seem chaotic, I find beauty in it. It keeps me busy and if you know me, you know I love to be on the move and can’t sit still. My husband would for sure agree to that.

2. Prioritize

With all the things that could be going on prioritizing what’s the most important is key. Sometimes, its okay for the laundry not to be done. There’s times where the place is full of toys everywhere, but you just have to embrace the smiling faces and get to that later. Prime example – Dirty laundry isn’t the problem, it’s the clean laundry that we haven’t put away!

3. Planning

Planning ahead – getting the girls things prepared the night before or well in advanced when I know we are going somewhere. This includes packing the diaper bag with an extra change of clothes, burb clothes, bottles, formula anything they could possibly need. Which isn’t always easy when you have to consider 3 of them + kadens things that he could need. He usually has to take a few of his cars anywhere we go, and I normally pack him a little snack pack (a juice, pop tart, gummies: Wow, that’s a lot of sugar…literally all the things he doesn’t need. I gotta do better in 2019!)

4. Working through adversity

Not everything goes as planned, so don’t expect it to. When something goes left, don’t get flustered or discouraged. Most of the time you’re able to actually learn from it, so use that to get better.

5. Communication

This is huge. Communication has not only made me a better mother, but I feel it has made me an even better wife, friend and co-worker. As our coach always taught us, never assume – because that makes an ASS out of U and ME. ASS-U-ME. Get it.

6. Teamwork

This is just as big as communication. And something I feel has made me a better all around person as well. Having a goal and being determined to accomplish something while being on the same page with someone, it’s a beautiful thing. Being selfless and giving what you can give not for the betterment of yourself, but for the good of the team. ALL 2019!




2 Comments Add yours

  1. Alisha Alex says:

    Thanks for sharing. You’re off to a GREAT New Year. Continue Blessing.


    1. ThePick6 says:

      Thank you! Happy new year to you as well 😘


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