9 Month Check Up

The girls had their 9 month checkup a few weeks ago and everything went great. My little preemies are making their way up high on the growth charts and for Khloe, shes finally on the growth chart.

From oldest to youngest, here’s what they are weighing now:

Kya – 15lb 5oz – Height: 42nd percentile

Khloe – 14lb 2.8oz – Height: 16th percentile

Kymbree -14lb 12.8oz – Height: 24th percentile


Personalities at 9 months

Personalities are really starting to show! Kya is definitely the bully of the group. You can tell shes the oldest. She’ll take bottles and toys from others as if she had it first. Kymbree usually won’t fight back and will just cry about it. Khloe won’t fight back at all, instead just looks at you like did you just see that!

Kya and Kymbree are the wildchilds for sure. They are usually crawling somewhere fast together and somewhere they know they aren’t suppose to be. You can always count on the other turning the corner when you see one. These two started to say Dada about a month ago, smh. Why is it never mama?! These two also have 2 teeth now! No teething problems (YAY). Hopefully I didn’t just jinx it.

Khloe has recently started to crawl! Not on all fours just yet. Right now shes just figuring out she can move and is strong arming it. Once she gets her legs under her I can’t imagine having three super mobile little ones.

Which baby is most like Kaden was?

Khloe for sure. Kaden was such a chill baby. He never cried unless he needed something. He was never into too much. He played well by himself. He was an angel baby. Khloe has been that super chill baby out of the triplets.

Just last night, Kya and Kymbree were flipping out of their chairs when drinking their bedtime bottles – doing THE most. We love all of the personalities, it’s going to be so fun to continue watching these little ones grow together.

We hope you continue to watch our little ones grow as well.




4 Comments Add yours

  1. Key says:

    Khloe is a diva!


    1. ThePick6 says:

      You know she is!!!


  2. Helen Beeman says:

    Totally adorable! Kya and Kymbree look identical to me! I would have trouble telling them apart! Will you come back to Springfield any time in the near future?



    1. ThePick6 says:

      They do still look so much alike! We still have trouble sometimes. I would like to think so, but have no plans to come back just yet. I sure do miss you guys!! You all are always welcome to come catch a SEMO game (wink wink)! love ya!!!


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