Santa Claus Is Not Real


Keith was the bad kid at school who was making kids cry telling them Santa Claus wasn’t real. “Boy, Santa ain’t real. That’s your mama buying that stuff.” I can hear it now! And if you know Keith, you know he is very knowledgeable (or thinks he is ALL of the time). He’s that type of person that will tell you the truth even though you don’t wan’t to hear it. The type of father that would tell his son to “Boy get up, you alright” if Kaden goes for a little fall. Or that, “Santa Claus isn’t real, he didn’t buy you those gifts, I did.”

Kaden still believes in Santa despite us telling him that it’s us – Let the kid live. I still have fun in making Kaden’s Santa Claus experience somewhat fun. We ran into Santa Claus in Walmart of course but it’s no escape in telling him the truth.

What to get the kids for Christmas ?

As much as we don’t believe in letting our kids believe in Santa, we still want to make the Holiday special. And by special, yes meaning presents. How do you give a kid a Christmas morning when every package that comes to the door he thinks is his (because he gets that much “stuff”. The kid is spoiled rotten! Christmas is everyday for the kid.

We agreed to get him “a few things”, let’s just see how that really plays out.


Do the girls really need anything?

I honestly never understood why parents went all out on a Kids first Christmas or Birthday. Need I say more? A babies favorite thing is the wrapping paper anyways right? I say that like I don’t do the most when it comes to birthday parties and keeping up with holiday traditions.

(We’ll also see how this plays out come Christmas)

What holiday traditions do you have? Do you let your kid believe in Santa? Would love to hear from you.


Can’t wait to share our Holiday clips with you all. What are some things you all want to see me talk about on the blog?

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3 Comments Add yours

  1. Helen Beeman says:

    Oh my gosh!!! Your babies are SO cute!!! All four of them!!! Miss you guys!



    1. ThePick6 says:

      Aww thanks! We miss you too. Hope all is well. Thanks for keeping up with us!


    2. ThePick6 says:

      Thank you!! We miss you all too!


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