Date Night With Kaden

Everywhere we go the girls are pretty much the stars of the show. Getting attention from almost everyone we walk by, first usually saying, “are those twins?”

Nope. Theres the 3rd one behind us (usually a family member holding her, because this is just how we have to travel).


Yup. *Keeps walking*

As you can imagine the list of questions go on. I never mind answering the questions or to have conversation with total strangers, but it kind of gets repetitive. I dressed the girls in literally all pink PJs after the basketball game we went to last week and someone still asked, “are they all girls?” 😂🤦🏽‍♀️


But enough about the girls. The point of this post is about our big man, Kaden!

We found out Paw Patrol was coming to town and knew we had to take him. You know how a kid has that one show that they stick to and want everything of, well Paw Patrol is it for him. That and that Ryan kid from Youtube! Does anyone else’s kid watch him?!

We told Kaden last night that we were taking him to the show and he immediatley started to name off all the characters he wanted to see.

“I want to see Rocky, Chase, Zuma, Marshall, Sky!”

It was a for sure proud parent moment to see him so happy and excited. You know, one of those smiles you have because you see your child so happy, like yes! I am totally winning at this parenting thing.

No only did we take Kaden to the show, but his sisters stayed at home. A date night out we all enjoyed. Watch our night out on our vlog here.

Sorry girlies, maybe next time.


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  1. Helen Beeman says:

    Kaden is getting to be such a big boy! I still remember him as that precious baby I would hold during b-ball games! What a precious little man! Hope to see you all soon! Helen

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    1. ThePick6 says:

      He is so big!! Yes! He was loved by so many during the Drury games. Yes please come visit soon! Check out a red hawk game! And meet the baby girls!!


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