Who Ever Said Never Wake A Sleeping Baby Anyways?


I’m convinced, who ever said never wake a sleeping baby never had triplets!

Wake up mama!

We hear all that time that having a schedule is important, especially when having multiples. Keeping them all on the same routine was something we stuck with when they were younger. (Birth-5 months)

When we took them home from the hospital we were feeding them close to every 2 hours. As unfair as it sounds, if someone woke up we woke everyone else up as well. For close to 2 months I tried to keep up with the demand of milk but OH MY! That was like having a 4th newborn in itself – so time consuming. I applaud the mamas that breastfeed – Y’all the real MVPS.

We also kept the same routine when changing diapers. When one had a diaper change, so did everyone else. If we didn’t keep this kind of routine I feel it would have been completely chaotic. Forgetting who did what, when you changed who, who slept when; y’all get the gist.

Now that the girls are getting older (7months), we don’t stick to the strict schedule as much and can keep a better idea of who did what and when. They usually still all eat around the same time, but if someone wants to take a mid afternoon nap we let them. Anything after 5 o’clock though is fair game, you gotta stay up until bath and bedtime (usually around 7).

Being Triplet parents sounds like it can be chaotic and usually the first thing people say is, do you get any sleep?

Thankfully we do. And our schedule has worked wonders for us and allowed us to get plenty of sleep despite having multiples.

Do you keep your kiddos on a schedule?

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-XOXO @thebossmama_


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