Making Potty Training Look Easy


As most of you know, moving into a new town when the girls were just 2 months was a task. However, I think the bigger task was saying good bye to our daily routine that we had in Springfield. I was just beginning to learn the street names after being there for 3 years..mmmm. Nah, not really. I was still asking, “that’s the street with McDonalds and Walgreens across the street right, by the Jimmy Johns?” yeah, we’ve all been there before when trying to find our way with directions. Things had just started to get normal. A routine that you didn’t even have to think about or realize you were doing. Even Kaden had become familiar with things around town. He knew that Walmart was a place he would always get a cookie from the bakery, Andy’s he wanted chocolate ice cream, and whenever we were a block away from Incredible pizza he would always shout “you found it!” As if we were looking for it in the first place. Kaden wasn’t crying at daycare drop-offs anymore, in fact sometimes he would cry because he had to leave his friends. We were comfortable.

As expected, being a basketball coaches wife we had to pick up and leave what we called home for the last 3 years and relocate, just after having triplets. No pressure, I’m a firm believer everything happens for a reason and i’m beginning to see the blessing that can sometimes be in disquese.

Moving to a new town, we had to find all new things and in a hurry. All things as in, a place to live, new doctors for the kids, kaden’s new school and not to mention a vehicle that our family could all fit in.

Spending most of July at home in Kentucky to be with family since this is the biggest recruiting month in basketball, we decided we would start Kaden out attending school Tuesday and Thursday as I stayed home with the girls and managed to work from home. Tuesdays and Thursdays was nice, it was so quiet when he was gone. I began to miss him a little more each time he was gone and couldn’t wait until he got back home. Funny how that works.

It all seemed to be working out so well until my husband wasn’t able to pick/drop him off on a regular basis. Instead of packing the girls in and out of the car (especially in the cold months) we decided we would just keep Kaden home.

We are getting our day to day routine done. The girls know when it’s nap time, Kaden knows when it’s quiet time, learning time and has really done an awesome job with Potty training.



I would encourage anyone who is potty training or know of someone potty training their son to purchase this frog! It not only motivated Kaden to go to the bathroom but it gave him something to aim for! Every little boy should have one. And it’s only 9 bucks! WIN.

Purchase Urinal Potty Training for Boys Frog

A little piece of me dies inside when I see my babies growing up and becoming more independent. As much as I hate to hear him say it, “i’m not a baby anymore, i’m a big boy”. I sadly have to accept the fact that he is indeed growing up. To keep him motivated we use fruit snacks or a gumball as a reward.

Keep up the great work Kaden! continue too look out for sisters and be a great role model because all eyes are on you.




2 Comments Add yours

  1. Helen Beeman says:

    LOL! Kaden is never going to forgive you for posting those pics of him! He’s SO cute!!!



    1. ThePick6 says:

      Hahah. I was thinking the same thing. 😂


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