The Pumpkin Patch Family Trip


This family pumpkin patch trip was a lot different than last years thats for sure. We hesitated going and last minute decided to just go for it (after me giving keith the googley eyes). Leaving the house with not even a diaper bag knowing we would be back in a hurry.

When we pulled in and parked we literally sat there and looked at each other and asked, what are we going to do? We needed a plan of action how to execute getting the kids around and like always decided to just go with the flow, this time without a stroller.

Keith held 2 babies – SUPER DAD! I grabbed the other baby in the carseat, and of course our biggest helper Kaden just made sure we had all his sisters before hitting the field. I packed a big outside blanket so the girls didn’t have to be in the grass, but that didn’t always work out as planned since Kya and Kymbree are getting around quickly.

We’ve (meaning 99.9% me), we’ve been talking about recording more of our day to day so you guys can see the raw experiences we have via our vlog and today was the first day we gave recording our lives a go. I must admit, Keiths pictures/videos turned out way better than mine. Hence why all the good photos turned out to be with me in them and not behind the camera. Or maybe it wasn’t the photographer, could have just been the models. What y’all think? 😉

Despite the scramble we were still able to get some great footage from our trip. I can’t wait to see how different next year will be.

As always, we appreciate all the support and encouraging words. If you haven’t done so already, subscribe to this blog and to our youtube channel where we will posting more vlogs of our daily lives.

Check out our first vlog post here.

xoxo, -@thebossmama_








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  1. Helen Beeman says:

    I LOVE seeing these pics!!! Can’t believe how the girls are growing so quickly! Hey are totally adorable! Tell Kaden his Auntie Helen loves him! Miss you all!

    Sent from my iPad



    1. ThePick6 says:

      Awww we miss you guys so much!! Yes! Growing super fast! If you haven’t already take a look at the vlog video. You will really enjoy that! Happy to see you keeping up with us. Love you all.


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