There is nothing emergency about the ER

Last week we made our first visit to the ER room and hopefully the last! I caught myself having to pull it together. Just being in the emergency room almost brought tears to my eyes, but I couldn’t show I was about 3 seconds from breaking down. Even though it was not much of a life/death situation I hated seeing my little one in any pain. (Says the mama who tears up inside when my babies have to get shots, I know i’m not the only one.)


Thankfully we had a doctors check up scheduled the day we were told we needed to go to the hospital. I knew Kymbrees toe was red and swollen, but I didn’t think we would have to go to the ER! I had no extra diapers, no formula and my phone was dying with no charger 🤦🏽‍♀️. I was not prepared for something like this at all.

Kymbree end up having a ingrown toenail that became infected and had to get drained. Of course I had so many questions as to why this happened and how to prevent it. Turns out sometimes it just happens and is actually more common than you would think. It seemed  like her toe was getting bigger and more swollen by the minute as we waited in the waiting room.

Of course, the over thinker I am. I start to think of worse case scenarios; what if they have to admit her? Are they going to cut her toe off? Who’s going to watch the other kids while Keith is at work tomorrow?

Once we got to the back, it was a simple 20 minute procedure and we were out. I overreacted for sure.

My girl is such a soldier! She was so unbothered by the procedure and was crawling trying to stand as soon as she got home per usual.

Thankfully our ER visit wasn’t too bad. We were able to leave the same day with antibiotics that she’ll be on for 10 days. We were out and about the next day at a birthday party, of course with it wrapped.


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-XOXO @thebossmama_


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