The Trips at 7 Months

Everyone is sleeping, eating and pooping! Besides getting immunization shots I would say the babies are very healthy happy campers.


At our 6 month check up the girls weighed in at:

Kya – 13.4oz

Khloe – 12.9oz

Kymbree – 13.1oz

Kya and Kymbree started scooting about a month ago. Now, these two are getting anywhere they want to within seconds! Kymbree pulled up and stood for the first time today.

Not going to lie, sometimes I catch myself counting and searching for one when I walk back into a room. This is just the beginning of keeping tabs on 4 kiddos!

Khloe hasn’t started to crawl yet, but not all babies hit those milestones at the same time so i’m not too concerned. Although we will be starting physical therapy with her to make sure there are no underline problems – & they come to the house for therapy! WIN!

We recently started feeding the girls applesauce and oatmeal. This always causes for funny faces and HUGE messes!DE9ADF7F-94A7-4331-A42F-B24393C6755C

The girls are sleeping like champs! We usually try to feed them the messy stuff around 7, followed by the bath assembly line,  bottle, then they usually fall asleep while finishing that. (All 3 girls are on the same formula now, which would explain why we go through 1 can of formula PER DAY! Yes! 1 CAN = 1 DAY!)


Yes, we are taking all donations..

Anywho..they will sleep from 8pm and if they don’t sleep through the night, usually it’s Kymbree that wakes up for a 3/4 am snack. If someone does wake up, they will always eat and go right back to sleep. (Let me knock on wood now!) We haven’t had any of those why is she crying, 3am-never not sleeping nights! & we are thankful!

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-XOXO @thebossmama_




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