California King

They are taking over! We joke all the time that we may have to have a whole bed of wall in a few more months, the king just isn’t big enough now a days. If the girls grow up and want to sleep in our bed as much as Kaden does, we are in big trouble!

Version 2

The girls sleep GREAT in their own beds! They are going  on 7 months and the best sleeper award goes to Kymbree (baby c/the 3rd/youngest triplet). She sleeps through the night majority of the time. Kya does pretty good as well, she always gets hungry in the middle of the night – but once she eats she goes right back to sleep. Khloe, usually wakes during the night as well wanting to eat, but it almost never fails that she has to stay in our room next to the bed.

We have our  nightly  routine down. We feed them table food right before their baths and they usually sleep around 7/7:30. They will stay sleep until about 2/3am, go back to sleep then will wake up in the morning around 8/9am.

Khloe usually stays up later just hanging out, not wanting to miss a beat. It’s funny because her and Kaden are so much alike and look so much alike.

Kaden is in our bed still too.  He’ll fight to get right in the middle! In the mornings he ‘calls’ middle and likes racing to the room to claim his spot, like it really is his bed…

They won’t stay this little forever! I cherish these moments we all squeeze into the king bed together.




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  1. Helen Beeman says:

    LOVE this pic! Kaden is growing SO quickly and he looks huge beside those precious baby girls!!! We are planning to come to a game and see you guys! Miss you!! Helen



    1. ThePick6 says:

      Isn’t he just growing so fast!!! Yes please come down. Can’t wait to see you guys!


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