Our first weekend out


img_3005It is a process to get everyone dressed and out of the house! If I didn’t have 2 hands on deck at all times it would easily take 2 hours to get out. Not only is getting out of the house a struggle, getting all the babies in and out of the car is a task as well.

Remember the long triplet stroller we had? Well, it wouldn’t fit in our new truck or anything that we test drove. So we had to trade it in for a double stroller that has a bassinet the girls could lay in for now. Why they would make a triplet stroller that doesn’t fit into ANYTHING is beyond me. Oh, and the carseats were too big to fit in the third row. We finally got it figured out, but don’t ask for a ride from me if I have my kids!


All of that to say, we went to the park and still couldn’t escape the fact that we had 3 babies. Maybe it was due to that fact that we had to pull over on the trail and change 3 crying babies at the same time? Now you see why I can’t go anywhere alone?





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  1. Key Dot says:

    Super Mom! Goals 🙌🏾


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