2 month checkup

Shots suck! All hands were on deck today at the girls 2 month check up when getting 3 injections each – YIKES!

If it were up to Keith we wouldn’t vaccinate. Which at times I see why you would choose not to – but.. that’s a whole different topic. Did you vaccinate your kids? Or have thoughts of not vaccinating them?

Not gonna lie, Keith & I got super annoyed today with the Doctor. It sucks when you get 2 different opinions on what should be done because of that Doctors practice. Who do you trust?

We were told last week to put rice in Koko’s milk, get a faster flowing nipple to help with her reflux. Today, we were told the opposite and to not put rice in her bottle and that the nipple we were using could have been causing the reflux to be getting worse – talk about a wasted visit!

It’s not just any reflux. It’s kinda of frightening. She arches her back and her breathing seems to be affected by it. Anyone had any experience with this kind of reflux? From other mama blogs it seems as if they just grow out of it with time.

Other than that – the girls are doing great. Kymbree (baby C) is still the biggest – 7.1oz

Kya (baby A) is 6.13

& Khloe is the smallest at 5.7oz with a follow up appointment next week to check her weight.


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