Summer 18 finna be a breeze

86 & sunny! Yes summer is finally here.


I know you all are thinking i’m being inconsistent on keeping you guys up to speed with the girls, but only a mother with triplets and a 2 year old would understand. It seems that we go through a box of diapers in less than a week and a half, and the diaper pail that took weeks to fill up now takes only 3 days.

The girls literally do 3 things.


The girls do not play about their food! When its time to eat ITS TIME! & you better not take too long. Feedings have been consistently 3 hours. During the night we are blessed with 4, sometimes 5. Kya & Kymbree are both eating 4oz now. We started Khloe on a new formula to help with acid reflex – Can it get anymore complicated in the kitchen when making bottles?


The diaper pail that would normally take weeks to fill now only takes about 3 days. We are flying through diapers, in fact hearing “That packs already gone!?” isn’t uncommon to hear around here.


We are truly truly blessed! They sleep so good. They seriously only wake up to eat. I can’t lie, it’s hard to roll out of bed at 3am but it has become routine now. Plus the faster you get it done, the faster you can get back in bed! Lately however, the girls have been wanting to be held at night which results in all 4 kids in the bed; but hey, they wont be this little forever right?









3 Comments Add yours

  1. Lea National says:

    Look at those sleeping beauties!! They’re so cute Nita!!!


  2. Seatra says:

    Very proud of you! Geez how much does a box of pampers cost now? I’d love to donate if you don’t mind a blessing. Let me know how i can


    1. x3triplets says:

      Oh wow. That’s awesome. We will gladly and thankfully accept. Could you email me.


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