Q&A for the Triplet Mama


How has big brother adjusted having his sisters around?

He has adjusted very well! He loves to help by grabbing the diapers/wipes and throwing the dirty ones away (all while saying – funky things). Keith and I joke with him and ask each other to do things knowing Kaden will say – I GOT IT!

How do you tell them apart? 

Name bracelets! We are easily able to tell Khloe apart but it is still difficult for us to tell Kya and Kymbree apart, especially if they are not right beside one another. I guess if we really get them mixed up and the name bracelets fall off, Kymbree is the heavier one. Or they could live their lives the wrong person you know, no biggie.

How do you manage feedings around the clock?

Staying ahead and organized has been key. Making bulk formula in a 2liter pitcher has been helpful when filling 30 bottles. It makes 3am feedings run a lot smoother and flow a little easier especially when you catch each other walking around like zombies.

What do you do when more than one is crying at a time?

Honestly, especially when I’m alone with no help. Sometimes the best thing to do is to just walk away. I have learned the differences in cries of just being a brat or something is really bothering them. If they all want to be a brat, they just stay in their play pin or swing and eventually they just waste so much energy they fall asleep – gotta do what you gotta do when you have 3!

Do they all 3 wake up at the same time?

For the most part they do! Having them on the same schedule I feel has been the most important. There is always someone who is in a deep sleep, but once someone wakes up – it’s time for everyone to wake up! Especially in the middle of the night we stay true to this. Keith and I have a system going and know what each other are doing to get the job done so we can get back in bed. So far they have stuck to the 3 hour schedule consistently. Sometimes we get lucky and they sleep for 3.5/4 in the middle of the night but we are very blessed to still be getting 6 hours of sleep with triplets wouldn’t you say?



3 Comments Add yours

  1. PAM Way says:

    Nita God bless you and Keith!! You are doing a great job!! Love the blog! The girls are a doll and Kaden is as handsome as ever. Love the video of him meeting his sisters.


  2. Salena says:

    You’re probably tired of being asked this, but are they identical? Two of them look identical lol multiples are so cool. I have twin boys and they’re awesome! 😁


    1. ThePick6 says:

      They are!! No they are not identical. They look a lot alike tho. Aww twin boys. Fun! Are they identical?


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