Test results are in: Are these girls Identical?

It’s hard to believe the triplets are a week old today. Today was the first day Keith and I held Kya, Khloe and Kymbree together. With priority changes and the things you spend your energy on, you forget how life was before they were even here. All the days run together and time seriously seems to fly by so quickly.

The girls are doing great and are projected to come home in a week or two. They all had their CPAP (Oxygen) and IV’S removed; Kya and Kymbree graduated from their isolates and because Khloe is a little smaller and unable to temperature stabilize she is projected to move to a bed when she is 4lbs (she’s currently 3.8oz)

As predicted, the girls look so much alike! For a while we thought that Kya and Kymbree were identical. Khloe has some features that we felt confident we would be able to tell her apart if we were to strip them all down and guess who they were, but then we thought it could have been the size difference. We had no idea if they were identical or not. Some nurses even heard word in the NICU that two were (the triplets are a big deal in there and random nurses come in to take a peek at them to see what all the hype is about).

Yesterday, after getting my staples removed, the nurse called me and left a voicemail saying the Dr. had some information for me.

Were the girls identical?

No. Based off the paths of the placenta, the girls were 3 separate little individuals with their own set of chromosomes and DNA.

I can’t wait until you all see these beautiful baby girls!



5 Comments Add yours

  1. Connie Johnson says:

    Love and blessings Pickens family!!


  2. Helen Beeman says:

    Can’t wait to meet these precious baby girls! Love the pic with Keith!


  3. Shanika says:

    Congrats cousins they are a beautiful blessing! I can’t wait to meet the little divas 😇😇😇


  4. Snap & Key says:

    Can’t wait to see them love y’all


  5. Lea National says:

    Awwwwww Nita!!! I love this blog!! Congrats to You and Keith!!! Y’all did that!!!! Yaaaaasssss!!! Blessings, on blessings, on blessings!!! #SuperParents Can’t wait to see Kya, Khloe, and Kymbree beautiful faces!! Hey Kaden!! Love y’all!!!!


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