3 challenges from this weekend

Wow. What a weekend I’ve had! An unforgettable, magical and rare one. Though this weekend wasn’t all peaches and cream, I can’t help but to stay positive and hopeful when I look at my baby girls! I did that!! Yasssss!

As I hold Kymbree skin to skin, I look back on my biggest challenges faced this weekend.

3. Without a doubt I was missing my K-man! Because of the flu being so severe no children under the age of 15 were allowed in the hospital. Hearing him say “mama, where you at?” Or even the words “I love you” made me take a second breath and realize how special my family will be when we can all be in the presence of one another. Daddy missed his man too. They were able to spend some quality time at the Wonders of Wildlife aquarium, incredible pizza playing games and jumping on the trampoline. I can’t wait to see him today after daycare and plan to go on some special dates with him because I miss seeing that smile!

2. Let me just tell you, these baby snuggles are the best! I’ve been laying with Kymbree for over 2 hours KNOCKED! Keith & I wasn’t able to hold them the first day they were born because of the nurses monitoring everyone closely. Skin to skin is by far our favorite thing to do with them, we always fall asleep with the most precious gifts in our arms.

1. Last but I’m sure not least, where to spend time became a challenge. The first night each of the girls had their own private nicu room, right beside one another. Now, for easier monitoring, they have placed Kya and khloe in the twin nicu room and Kymbree is next door. Because of the machines that have to be hooked up, we just aren’t able to roll Kymbree in to be with her big sisters. I feel guilty when I’m with one and can’t be with the other 2, or 3 when I get back home to Kaden.

On the bright side, these are just challenges of today. No one has all the answers. So I plan to grow and learn each day how I can first of all manage and love all 4 of my babies at the same time no matter what the challenge may be.

Happy discharge day for me! Let the adventures begin.


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Connie Johnson says:

    So much love and lots of prayers for this family of 5!!!!


  2. Glenda Greer-Smith says:

    Congratulations!! What a blessing!! I will keep you & your beautiful family in my thoughts and prayers.❤


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