Is it Friday, March 9 @ Noon Yet?


Yesterday was our last visit to the high risk doctor. We made it to 35 weeks! Here we did Stress test and got a final weight on the babies before they are delivered on Friday! The girls are such rock stars and passed their stress test with no problem. During this test they have 30 mins to show signs of 4 things; breathing, movement, tone and the measurement of their sacs are still within range.

2 weeks ago 2 of the babies weighed 3 lbs with baby C weighing the most at 3.6. This week all of the babies were at least 4 lbs! IS IT FRIDAY, MARCH 9 @ NOON YET?

Baby A – 4.7 lbs

Baby B – 4.2 lbs

Baby C – 4.8 lbs

Who else is excited to meet these baby girls!? Subscribe and Comment below, we are just getting started on this adventure.


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  1. Anndrea Smith says:

    Nita!!! So happy for you and these 3 little blessings. I’ve been following your journey.. you rock at pregnancy and a mom!!! Excited to see these sweet babies! Praying for you and them today and especially Friday!!!


  2. Connie Johnson says:

    I was praying for you all today and so happy to know appointment went well!! All the very best!!❤


  3. Linda Medley says:

    Wow, those weights are terrific! Praying all continues to go well. Love and hugs from your Louisville fans!


  4. Pam Way says:

    Nita I’m so excited for you!!! The girls are ready to make their grand entrance!!! I will be praying for you Keith, Kaden and the girls tomorrow. I can’t wait to follow your journey. You are such a great mom!!!


  5. Jamie Underwood says:

    Congrats!! Very exciting..


  6. Hannah smith says:

    I’ve been praying for you and your sweet family! You are an inspiration and I’ve loved reading and keeping up with your journey! Sending prayers and love your way!


  7. Kim Hunter says:

    Nita I am so excited! The girls are absolutely beautiful! Congrats to you all!


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