Modified to Strict Bedrest real quick

You ever just not ask a question before because you already knew the answer you would get? And the answer you would get wouldn’t be what you wanted to hear. So you just don’t ask it? Yeah, that was me on December 20th, at week 24 checkup when my doctor put me on ‘modified’ bedrest.

It seemed like everything I asked to do she said no, but with good reasoning I guess. I asked if I could still attend the Missouri state basketball games and she said no, watch them from home.

So I wasn’t even going to dare and ask if I could travel for the holidays. My family trip to Paris, France was already shot down the first visit with the high risk doctor back in November. I wasn’t letting anything keep me from at least making the 3 hour trip to St. Louis for the holidays. Stubborn I know.

I probably took the ‘modified’ too literal and overdid it at times, but it was 2 days before we had planned to head to St. Louis (& K-mart was closing down and had unbelievable deals). As former collegiate athletes and with Keith coaching its very rare that we spend Holidays with our family so when we get the chance to it feels golden, plus I can’t cook as good as his mom so it was definitely a trip we still had to make.

We packed the backseat of the car with pillows and blankets and off we were!


My doctor wanted me to spend as much time on my side as I could to take pressure off of my cervix. It was okay to do light chores around the house and a good rule of thumb was to rest for 2 hours for every 15 minutes you do any activity, but who can really achieve that ratio when there is so much to be done?

Lets just say modified bed  rest didn’t last too much longer after that…

 On December 29, week 25, my cervix had shortened from a 4 to a 3 and my doctor warned me if it had worsened by next weeks appointment that I should have a bag packed because I would be admitted into the hospital. At this point our goal was for the babies to make it to week 28 if possible. The scramble for help really started then.

We received so much support and love at this time of need it was incredible.

I was able to work from home completely, which I am currently still doing.

Kadens Daycare picked and dropped him off when needed if Keith was out of town, they made us dinner and even sent someone for an in home mani and pedi!

My dad completely surprised me on New years eve. I was expecting another friend to come over so the door was unlocked and he just walks in! They were only able to stay for that 1 night, but that 8 hour drive wasn’t going to stop them from coming to check on me and the babies.

My sister-in law, Anna delayed her trip to Paris to be with my brother and stayed here for 3 weeks to help out big time and to make sure the babies continued to cook. I’ve never eaten so much dessert in my life. She claims she gained 5lbs in the time she was here LOL. We also whipped out the cricut machine quit a bit and even got some investors to start us a business (Keith & AJ). Be on the look out for shirts available or if you have any request for shirts to be made, email me! Seriously!


Currently my mom and sister are here to stay for awhile and have been a major help around the house and with Kaden! It has been so great to have this amount of support especially in a time of need like this.


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