Showered with Love

I couldn’t even begin to explain the amount of love my family and I have received. I couldn’t have asked for a better support system from friends and family from afar and here in Springfield, MO. My job, my boss, my co-workers and even those that I would just run into occasionally!

We’ve had 3 baby showers for the triplets (how ironic).

Bass Pro Shops


The first shower was thrown at work on a Friday morning where my amazing co-workers had a diaper, donuts and dash party. We received so many diapers and wipes it was incredible. There was a name suggestion jar where we received some pretty good suggestions, we actually decided on using 2 of them. Someone even printed out a booklet for me with all the possible K names!


IMG_2239Okay so when I say a professional hostess, Mrs. Melanie Lusk is just that! Her decorations and food are ALWAYS on point! Co-Host, Jessica Shavies always makes for the best photo opt sessions with this adorable MOM-OSA sign. I’m still kind of upset everyone else got to drink wine and I had a sparkling water bottle all to myself, they were not team players! We played some very fun games, my favorite was the name game. Everyone had a sticker with a name on it; Ex: Dirty Diaper, Boogers, Spit up and of course my name was Baby Momma. If someone addressed you out of your sticker name they had to put change in a jar. Let me just tell you, we got enough coins to purchase a big box of diapers and wipes! Thanks guys!

St Louis

IMG_2378Okay first can we just take a second to admire this cake! My sister in-law, Mika always gets the cutest cakes made for any occasion! I was technically on modified bedrest when we originally planned to have this shower so instead of canceling and to avoid a lot of moving we just decided to have it at my in-laws house since it would be all family anyways.  Because of my husband’s basketball schedule we knew that the only time we would be able to go home would be during Christmas for a few days and that the only day would work would be Christmas Eve. I felt bad knowing that this time of year could be an inconvenience but the shower turned out perfect and it was fun getting the family together even though for a different occasion on this holiday.


We would have normally had a baby shower at home in Kentucky, but by the time I found out we were expecting triplets it was too late to plan a trip to travel that far. This didn’t stop loved ones and friends from sending gifts. In fact My mother, sister and brother purchased everything from the 3 car seats, a quad stroller, baby bed/changing table, dressers etc! It was such a blessing to receive all of the major items and focus on the smaller items that we need. Let me just say we’ve learned a lot about what car seats and strollers are needed when having 3! I’ll have to save that for a later post!


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